Our Planned Litters 

Aslan 1.jpg

(Bred Sept)

Male 1: Breeder
Male 2: S Kleinman

Female 1: A. Merritt
Female 2: Amy C. (all black, pending)


(Bred Sept)

Male 1: Breeder
Male 2: available
Male 3: available

Female 1: Breeder
Female 2: available
Female 3: available



Please be aware that litters vary in size. We leave six spots open, but there could be more or less available. We will change this information accordingly. If there are not enough puppies available, you will be moved to the next litter.

Is the litter full?

Ask to be put on our waitlist!

  1. Gibson (Moon/Aslan) - possible blue male

  2. J Donovan (female)

  3. B Withers (Ginger female, 1st pick)